Now Offering Advanced Security Options for Data Services

Praxis is proud to offer advanced security options for mail order data services. Some clients may not want to send sensitive information through the mail, so we have taken steps to fulfill those needs. An option has been added to the Certified Hard Drive Erasure Service, you can now select a lock-box to be sent in place of a standard package.

The cases are impact resistant, waterproof, with a pressure release valve and dual 4-digit locks. Each case can hold (6) 3.5″ full size hard drives and approximately (20) 2.5″ laptop/SSD hard drives.

Cases can also be used if businesses have employee issued cell phones that contain sensitive information and require data erasure, contact us directly to arrange case usage for cell phones.

If your drives and devices contain classified files, tax documents, bank statements, or other sensitive information, usage of our secure cases is recommended.